>Inspiring Your Authentic Week

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Inspiring Your Authentic Week

Politics and Religion

Posted: 13 Apr 2008 02:13 PM CDT

Generally speaking in these messages I avoid politics and religion. This week however three things have happened that mean I have to make an exception.

The first is that I read an amazing book “The Great Transformation” by Karen Armstrong. Karen is a former nun who has made the study of the major world religions her life’s work.

In “The Great Transformation” she writes about the shift in consciousness that took place between 700 and 300 BC.

In Greece, the Middle East, China and India religion, spirituality and philosophy went from tribal, primitive, ritual, mystical and sacrificial based thinking to the sophisticated concept of the “Golden Rule” – “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Starting with Confucius around 500 BC the Golden Rule eventually became the cornerstone of the monotheistic Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism), Buddhism, Hinduism as well as the founding tenet of Chinese philosophy.

The second is seeing Jill Bolte-Taylor’s extraordinarily profound speech on TED. Jill is a brain scientist who had a stroke. The stroke disabled the left side of her brain and gave her the startling experience of what the world is like from an exclusively right brain perspective.

Her description is more moving, more powerful and more inspiring than I can possibly convey in writing, so I will leave it to you to see the video for yourself. The profound message of Jill’s story is that spiritual experience exists in our right brain, but is mostly overwhelmed by the analytics of our left brain.

We can access our divine connection by simply quieting the activity of the left hand side of our brian. It is always there ready and waiting for us to do this! Amazing!

The third is Al Gore’s new talk, again shown on TED last week. In the main slide show he goes through an update on the story he told in “An Inconvenient Truth”. However in an Interview that follows the main speech Al Gore says that what is required to combat climate change is “a higher level of consciousness.”

That Climate Change is a spiritual problem!

To summarise – we have been through a seismic shift in the level of consciousness before.

To save our society we need to go through one again.

The basis for this shift has been established in all of the worlds major belief systems for at least 2000 years in “The Golden Rule”.

That to understand our global connection and responsibility we need to open greater communication with the left side of our own brain.

Certainly there are more people this time and certainly we are on a much tighter timeline than before, but this time we have far greater global awareness and immeasurably better communication than 2500 years ago.

The challenge of our time is to raise the global level of consciousness sufficiently and quickly. Starting with ourselves and spreading out to everyone we know – particularly the young.

If you found this message and the links within it inspiring please pass it on to as many people as you think will also be inspired.

For more on raising your own level of consciousness see www.authentictransformation.co.uk

To uncover your own innate brilliance for inspiring others to reach their full potential come to the Authentic Transformation Advance in Mallorca in October.

With love


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