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The Future of Power

I had a minor epiphany this weekend that I would like to share.  I believe we are moving on from the old control based dogma wars, to the new power based dogma wars.  The old dogma wars were waged between … Continue reading

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The Future Is Social

The days of any kind of organisation being run autocratically, secretively and to the agenda of a narrow elite are numbered.  Whether it is a country, a company or a nuclear power station stakeholders are no longer to be ignored … Continue reading

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Being Your Best

Before this weeks post… I am completely transforming my online presence this week – new website design, new blog system and a new mailing system as a result there may be some double postings for a week or two and, … Continue reading

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Thriving In Chaos

I think most of us were brought up with the idea that some sort of stability was normality.  That every so often an event would come along and things would become unstable for a bit, but then they would return … Continue reading

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Sharpen Your Axe

Posted: 28 Feb 2011 01:26 AM PST Last week I had the opportunity to deliver an Authentic Leadership session to a lovely team at Kraft Foods, at a very nice hotel in Oxford. I love the enthusiasm with which these … Continue reading

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