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Leadership or Teamwork?

This post is about leadership and teamwork in all situations and is relevant even if you do not consider yourself part of  a team or to be a leader. In my Authentic Leadership workshops I use a very simple definition … Continue reading

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Global Harmony – Eric Whitacre style

There is a common belief that greed, selfishness, corruption, violence and other negative traits are just “human nature”.  I fundamentally disagree with this belief. Both from personal and mediated experience, what I see is that people are remarkably good, caring … Continue reading

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Life lessons from the Paris/Roubaix bike race

Normal bike racing is brutally hard, to some extent it is about training and training until you are super fit, then competing over such a long distance that everyone gets completely exhausted and seeing who has been clever enough at … Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons from Fukushima

With tremendous respect to those risking their lives to make the Fukushima nuclear power station safe, they should not be there. Accidents of this sort are not inevitable, they are the product of the culture of the organisation, since culture … Continue reading

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