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Apple and Google, Authentic?

I have been reluctant to judge more controversial businesses as being authentic for a long time, but this week I want to argue the case for the authenticity of Apple and Google.  If this is controversial then, perhaps, we will … Continue reading

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First Principles

I often hear managers and owners worry that their employees don’t seem to know how to behave according to the appropriate standards.  When I ask if the appropriate standards are adequately articulated and communicated, I am often greeted with rather … Continue reading

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Authentic Entrepreneurs Wanted to Save Society

Another short message this week as we are still on holiday, this week we are in a small Danish town called Billund. In many ways It is a normal and unremarkable town in the middle of Jutland (the bigger bit … Continue reading

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A step back in time

We are on holiday these two weeks, so this weeks message is brief. In spite of our efforts to organise things we have found having an internet connection while on holiday complicated.  We are staying in a house in Copenhagen, … Continue reading

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Speak Up!

Why are we here?  Are we here to do what we are told, to conform, to keep our heads down and stay out of trouble, or are we here for something else? In my work I see a great mix … Continue reading

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