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The Lesson of the Keyboard

I was struck last week when I saw a colleague pecking away, very quickly, with two fingers on his computer keyboard.  I asked him about it and he told me that he had recently taken a course where he had … Continue reading

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What Are You Going To Do About It

What is life about? At one level we are a temporary arrangement of cells, which cannot even be said to be solid at another level we are all we have. What is “real” is extremely hard to be sure of. … Continue reading

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Too Cool For School

How do you show up?  Are you cautious, concerned about how you will be perceived and what effect that will have on whatever it is that you are showing up for?  Or do you dive right in, excited and passionate, … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks for all the Macs

I bought my first Mac in 1988.  My brother, being a bit younger, had been into ZX Spectrum and that kind of thing, but I had not.  When I was at college we were taught computing with punch card and … Continue reading

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Belief Matters

I was running a training session last week and most of the participants arrived appearing somewhat defeated.  Until we got them into a more positive mind space it was really difficult for them to accept any of the tools and … Continue reading

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