Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012.  2012 is supposed to be a big year, a year of great change and high drama.  The stage is certainly well set.  We have pushed many of the political, ecological and economic systems, on which we depend, to the limit.  Something has to give at some point and it seems more likely to be sooner than later.

Will it be terrible and catastrophic or uplifting and liberating, or both?

This year we were invited to a lovely New Years Eve party.  The theme was 1001 Nights, so we were all dressed in a variety of arabic themed costumes, kids as well.  We were all asked to perform a little piece for the party and mine was to share some wise words.

When I thought about what I would say at the beginning of 2012, a year that seems likely to be challenging for many, however the predictions pan out, I came back to the three core messages that I believe are fundamental to a fulfilling life and will allow us to be as prepared as we can be for whatever happens in 2012.

1 – Know Thyself:  The message above the door of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi remains as relevant today as it ever was.  Understanding who we are, what motivates us at our core and what our values are is essential to happiness and fulfilment.

2 – All You Need is Love:  Relationships (with people, jobs, places, activities and things) are either loving or transactional.  Transactional relationships will not be sustained.  If we want anything to last, follow the love.  Love is the bit that goes beyond the rational, the unconditional bit, the bit where things like loyalty, care, compassion, unconditionality and empathy exist.  If we want any of these things in our life, we have to be prepared to be with love.  The more loving we can be the more loving we will attract.

3 – Be intentional:  As we do every year, we drew our intentions for 2012.  This time we did it with the whole party.  At the end of my little speech, I asked everyone at the party to take a piece of paper and some crayons and draw their intentions for the year.  It was a lovely moment, with all of the adults and children sitting, mostly on the floor, drawing together.  If we don’t have a plan, the risk is we get sucked into someone else’s and the chances of someone else’s plan being fulfilling for us are slim.

As midnight clicked up we stood on the terrace with a breathtaking view of Palma.  Our international group mixed Spanish (eating lots of grapes), Danish (jumping off furniture), German and British (less clear) new year traditions and we watched fireworks spring up from all over the city below.

For the happiness of the new year to be felt by all requires a lot of change.  Systems seldom change until the crisis is felt by enough people.  The crisis seems to be very obvious now.  Perhaps 2012 is the year of transformation, perhaps we can make it uplifting and liberating…

Here’s to us making it so.

with love


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One Response to Happy New Year

  1. Hanne says:

    He Neil,
    Thank you for putting into words the summary of my thoughts on how to start 2012!

    So let´s put it into action – a happy, prosperous, healthy and conscious 2012!

    Hanne from San Agustin, Palma

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