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Light My Fire

I am coming to the conclusion that the single most important step that we can take as an individual, family, team, business, community or country is to have a clearly articulated vision, that we understand and buy into and that … Continue reading

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Austerity or Growth?

The fastest route to recovery for European economies is entrepreneurialism.  Specifically small scale businesses and start ups that have the potential to grow through offering something of value to society, in other words authentic businesses. Unfortunately many of our systems … Continue reading

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Abandon that which has no future

My friend Hans wrote these words following a workshop we were at last week: “We should want to abandon that which has no future. We should blow right through mere sustainability. We should desire a world of enhancement. That is what … Continue reading

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A Sense of Belonging

One of our core drivers as humans is to feel a sense of  self worth.  This drives all sorts of behaviours from the highly functional to highly dysfunctional.  Part of self worth for most of us is to have a … Continue reading

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