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Purpose lead business

I am delighted to say that the idea of purpose is becoming more fashionable among businesses these days.  Historically many businesses, especially corporations, felt that “Delivering Shareholder Value” was sufficient purpose. More and more companies are realising that while this … Continue reading

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Beware the Totalitarian Corporation

It is easy to imagine, in these enlightened times that totalitarianism is from a bygone age.  Remarkably, perhaps, there are still businesses that operate using the kind of hierarchical systems and culture that might be familiar to medieval kings or … Continue reading

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Truth and reconciliation

One of the consequences of the digital age that prompted my exploration of authentic business was the realisation that in a digital environment transparency is inevitable. One implication of this is that whatever we do we must be proud of … Continue reading

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Leadership Spring

In the Greek myth Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection, so absorbed was he with self love that eventually he turned into the eponymous flower. It is easy to see that Narcissus’s self love was unhealthy.   As … Continue reading

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