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Leadership, Culture and Change

Any group of humans quickly forms a culture.  Typically cultures, once formed, are fairly stable, requiring some significant influence to change them.  But – they can change and change significantly and quickly with sufficient influence. As an individual we might … Continue reading

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What have the Romans done for us?

A few years ago I was given the opportunity of a lifetime for a consultant.  “Come to Rome and use it’s history to help a team from Microsoft understand how empires fall.” With my existing understanding of Roman history, I … Continue reading

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Change is easy

I promised to answer the question of what I have been doing during my two year blog hiatus.  I set out with an intention nearly fifteen years ago to bring authenticity and authentic leadership to the highest levels of globally … Continue reading

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Understanding the psychology of the UK Elections 2015

After a two year hiatus – more details on what I have been doing later, I will be restarting my blog.  I hope you find it valuable. Political parties in the UK are divided along levels of consciousness lines.  The differences between … Continue reading

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