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Leadership and the art of influence

One of the frequent challenges I hear in leadership development sessions is that even after they have  agreed something as a team, people want to renegotiate or that a leader struggles to gain alignment with their team or with stakeholders. This … Continue reading

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The Path to Peace

After the First World War the winners punished Germany with exorbitant reparations and military occupation of the Rhineland.  Germany’s humiliation allowed a psychopathic regime control of the most productive and technologically advanced society in the world. Twenty one years after … Continue reading

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Culture = Habits of Interaction

I was working with a large team last week during a team offsite event they were running.  I was scheduled to be with them for half a day and then the whole of the following  day. In our first half day … Continue reading

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Ensurance – or how to avoid corporate crisis

For me this journey started 15 years ago with the realisation, while at Razorfish, that in a digital environment transparency is inevitable. The clear implication of this new reality is that organisations need to find ways to only do the … Continue reading

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