3 Fundamental Truths

We have been doing this work for about 15 years now.  One of the great privileges of travelling around the world discussing leadership, culture and change with so many people is what we get to learn ourselves.

Three of the most striking truths that come across over and over again and that we do not really see articulated elsewhere are these:

1 – A challenge gets precisely as deep as it needs to get for us to learn what we need to learn.

Whether we are talking about climate change and terrorism, organisational challenges or personal challenges they all have a tendency to persist or get worse until those involved learn what they/we need to learn to resolve the issue.

These challenges raise our awareness to a situation, behaviour or belief system that is unhelpful in our lives.  With our awareness raised we have the choice to study the challenge and find ways to resolve it.  If we fail to resolve it, generally speaking it will persist or get deeper until we face up to it.

Learning means a critical mass of the relevant population understand the solutions and activate that learning in the form of changed behaviours. Choosing the wrong approach will make the problem persist or get worse.

At all scales once a critical mass of the relevant population are able to activate the right new behaviours the challenge can go away remarkably quickly.

Truth 1 – is always subject to truth 2.

2 – When facing a challenge we have the choice to transcend or succumb.

The most common way to succumb to a challenge is to remain in denial of it until it is overwhelming.  We see this in global corporations where there can be a cultural preference to avoid the uncomfortable conversations.  If we are unwilling to have the uncomfortable conversations we will avoid the learning that could overcome the challenge.

Another version of denial is to face up to the challenge, but with insufficient commitment.  Under these circumstances, we may get a second chance to learn and change, but we may not.

Truth 1 and truth 2 are subject to truth 3.

3 – There is no objective world view, only opinions and the majority of opinions will be influenced by someone.

There are very few people indeed who have the capacity to absorb all of the relevant data around a particular issue to come to an objective conclusion. There are even fewer who combine this ability with the leadership and communication skills to rally a critical mass of people around the right solution.

This does not stop us from believing that these people exist.  For millennia we have believed in gods or superheroes who will come and save us from our folly.

The reality is there are multiple opinions and most people’s opinion will be shaped by someone else.  Typically that someone will be a dominant personality and may be a leader, who seeks the greater good or an opportunist manipulator who seeks some form of gain.  Most of us will not form an opinion on a given situation on our own.

Following manipulators often looks more attractive, because they make themselves look like superheroes, who will save the day for us, without us having to make the difficult choices.  Leaders seeking the greater good take more courage to follow, because the right path nearly always requires us to change too.

Holos has a wealth of specialist  leadership and culture, coaches and consultants with decades of experience working with a huge variety of leaders.  Holos can help you or your organisation to engage with challenges, learn from them and change behaviours to deliver sustainable success..

Holos believes that change is easy and this is true when the right process is followed. We all know from our own experience that some changes have been easy and others have been hard. What Holos has done is to distil the essence of what makes change easy into a process and it is that process that we bring to our clients.

For any organisation that needs to engage it’s culture with change, whether it is because of innovation, competition or regulation, Holos can help to make that change easy.

To help make using Holos easy we offer inspiring standalone sessions on Megatrends, Leadership, Culture and Change that give organisations a chance to see us in action and helps to get a wider process started.

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Neil Crofts

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About Neil Crofts

Writer, coach and consultant on authentic business and authentic leadership. Neil has inspired and motivated hundreds organisations and thousands of individuals to their highest potential. Neil has written three published books and numerous e-books. Neil is a coach, facilitator and consultant helping people and businesses find their authentic purpose and use it to inspire and motivate them to be everything that they can be. Neil has raced cars, been self-employed, run a company and sold it, been employed by large companies, experienced growth and contraction at the heart of the dotcom boom, tried changing companies from the inside and from the outside as European Head of Strategy at internet consultancy/rock band Razorfish. Neil has been independent for over 10 years and delivered his Authentic Leadership message to a diverse range of business audiences including people at BP, Shell, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, MSN, Jamie Oliver, South Gloucestershire Council, National Blood Transfusion Service, KaosPilots Business School, Fashion company By Malene Birger, German technology company Eleven.
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