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Decarbonisation – Megatrends update

Since I wrote my original Megatrends blog post back in June much has changed (and I have delivered it many times as a session for clients).  The biggest changes have been in the Decarbonisation Megatrend. I wanted to update this with … Continue reading

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If customers really want a company to succeed, it will succeed – Elon Musk

This idea, articulated by Elon Musk, one of the founders of PayPal, Tesla, Space-X and SolarCity in a BBC interview, may seem like common sense, but it is disappointingly rare in business. I would go further unless employees really want a … Continue reading

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Sustained Success

Most businesses want to get to a place of sustained success.  Where the whole organisation aligns behind a common purpose and delivers on it.  Where people and processes are efficient and productive.  Where customers are delighted and loyal.  Where excellence … Continue reading

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