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Wishing you all a very jolly Yule

Last week I did a talk for 80 bankers. What image does that bring to mind? We all have prejudices, biases, preconceived ideas and generalisations we apply to each other.  Some are just plain wrong and others are out of … Continue reading

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Great Leadership 101

One of the most needed skills at the moment in both business and government is leadership.  In more stable times management tends to be prioritised because management delivers reliability.  In stable times leadership is often annoying as leadership is fundamentally … Continue reading

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Get out of crisis in 5 steps

We have worked with many individuals teams and organisations that are in crisis.  Sometimes the crisis is public, corporate and unavoidable.  Sometimes they are subtle, drawn out and unrecognised.  Sometimes they feel personal, individual and lonely.  Within all of this … Continue reading

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