Announcing The Campaign for Authentic Leadership

Leadership is in crisis.  Whilst there are some wonderful leaders in business and politics, leadership also has big problems:

Leadership is poorly understood, with the only institution in our society that takes it seriously being the military.

The dominant styles of leadership are those which create results by stealing from the future – culturally, environmentally and financially.  We call this “Boss Style Leadership”.

There is another type of leadership that delivers sustained success and avoids stealing from the future.  We call this “Authentic Style Leadership”.

We at Holos are campaigning to make authentic leadership universal in our society.  Authentic Leadership in government, business, education, healthcare and all other sectors.

We started this through our consulting work in business and this autumn we will start to do more.

Our new book “Stealing from the future, and how you can stop it” will be available in the next four to six weeks.

We will also be running four open leadership and change workshops at The Crystal, our favourite ‘museum of the future’ in London Docklands in November. If you have an interest in, or know someone who may be right for, one of these workshops we’d love to hear from you.

Aimed at business leaders and decision-makers, there are four distinct subjects. They work together or individually.

1. Megatrends and You – 7 Nov: a look at the three major trends across the world creating the experience of constant change. An examination of the new styles of leadership and personal responses that can be successful in a constant change environment.

Download Megatrends and You Flyer

2. Sustained Success – 8 Nov: a deep look at organisational responses to constant change, and the opportunity to move from conventional to post-conventional business modelling. How to shape and head for sustained organisational success in a constant change environment.

Download Sustained Success Flyer

3. Intolerable Toleration – 22 Nov: aimed specifically at climate action and the feeling of helplessness many feel around this immense topic and trend. How do I get over my fear, scepticism, or helplessness, and take committed and purposeful action in my own sphere of influence to specifically address climate change? With Mac Macartney, Founder of Embercombe.

Download Intolerable Toleration Flyer

4. Courageous Self-Leadership – 29 Nov: many of us feel we are authentic leaders. Where are the boundaries of our authenticity, or the edges where we might become inauthentic? What is the next phase or stage I might want to head into to expand my personal accountabilities and reach? Creative approaches to test ourselves…

Download Courageous Self-Leadership Flyer

Book all 4, get one free. You may have an interest in a workshop but cannot make the date. We would still love to hear from you if so, as we may schedule more.

We want to work with as many people as possible to change the way that leadership is done and to change our expectations of leadership, so that we no longer elect, select, recruit or promote leaders who are unable to deliver sustained success.

If you would like to be part of this movement please look out for the book, we will let you know when it is available. and get in touch using if you would like to come to one of these sessions.

Stealing from the future…. and how you can stop it,  will be published in September by Holos and will be available through Amazon both in print and as an e-book and from the Apple iBook store as an e-book.  We hope to expand the availability later.

Holos helps make change easy. We help organisations develop their leaders, map out and deliver the changes required to achieve sustained success even in a highly disrupted environment.

At Holos we have been studying change leadership and leadership training in the crucible of reality for years. We know what great leadership looks like and we know the journey to achieve it. We have developed a suite of diagnostic tools to understand where companies and teams are on this journey and how to take them from there to sustained success.

Holos has a wealth of specialist leadership and culture coaches and consultants with decades of experience working with a huge variety of leaders. Holos can help you or your organisation to upgrade it’s leadership to flourish even in a challenging business environment.

Please share your ideas, comment and discuss here – click on the blog title and scroll to the bottom to find the comment box.

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Neil Crofts

+447803 774239




About Neil Crofts

Writer, coach and consultant on authentic business and authentic leadership. Neil has inspired and motivated hundreds organisations and thousands of individuals to their highest potential. Neil has written three published books and numerous e-books. Neil is a coach, facilitator and consultant helping people and businesses find their authentic purpose and use it to inspire and motivate them to be everything that they can be. Neil has raced cars, been self-employed, run a company and sold it, been employed by large companies, experienced growth and contraction at the heart of the dotcom boom, tried changing companies from the inside and from the outside as European Head of Strategy at internet consultancy/rock band Razorfish. Neil has been independent for over 10 years and delivered his Authentic Leadership message to a diverse range of business audiences including people at BP, Shell, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, MSN, Jamie Oliver, South Gloucestershire Council, National Blood Transfusion Service, KaosPilots Business School, Fashion company By Malene Birger, German technology company Eleven.
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