Women take over as moral leaders of the world

There is a fascinating trend going on in the informal moral leadership of western society – it is being taken over by women.

Right now there are at least four women who are global exemplars of integral authentic leadership.  They have taken the mantel of Gandhi, Mandela and MLK and have moved the game on significantly with their skill, vision, compassion, leadership, integrity and courage.

This is the leadership we can all aspire to.

Greta Thunberg – what defines leadership is the courage to show the vulnerability to step forward when it matters and we are uncertain of the outcome and through that courage, purpose and vulnerability, inspire others to follow.  On 20th of August 2018 Greta stood alone outside the Swedish Parliament striking from school until the Swedish Government did something about climate change.  By the 15th of March 2019 an estimated 1.4 million students participated in the strike. Greta has addressed the UN, TEDx, the UK Parliament, Davos and the EU.  This is the video of Greta addressing the UK parliament:


Carole Cadwalladr – leadership is not hierarchical, leadership is a choice that any of us can make.  We lead when we see something that needs to change, we make the choice to do something about it and others follow.  Leadership can involve speaking truth to power in ways that require skill and courage and which make us feel extreme vulnerability.  In that moment when we feel vulnerable most of us are likely to step back, however leadership requires us to feel that vulnerability and lean in.  Immediately after the UK’s EU referendum, as a journalist for The Guardian Carole started investigating what had happened and why.  She uncovered the story around Cambridge Analytica and the various funding irregularities of the leave campaigns.  She has consistently and personally challenged Nigel Farrage and Arron Banks around these issues.  In April 2019 at a TED conference sponsored by Facebook and attended by Mark Zukerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Carole took to the stage and skilfully took Facebook, Google and Twitter to task for breaking democracy speaking directly to “The Gods of Silcon Valley” as she described them.  This is the video of that speech:


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  – if you have ever worked with anyone you consider to be a great leader the chances are that they are an authentic leaders.  Authentic leaders work hard at being the very best version of themselves as much of the time as they possibly can be.  Part of this involves skilful emotional regulation that enables others, particularly those we are leading, to also be the very best version of themselves as much as possible.  Authentic leaders create sustained success by enabling people to be the very best versions of themselves.  As a liberal progressive congresswoman in the US, Alexandria endures more than her fair share of criticism and prejudice.  She responds with a grace and charm, totally confident in herself, her beliefs and her identity in a way that deflates those who oppose her.  This is a news report of two attempts to intimidate Alexandria and her responses to them:


Jacinta Ardern – Authentic leaders are primarily motivated by purpose and not by status.  Authentic leaders do not seek the title and the trappings to bolster their fragile ego, but to serve and to make things better.  When things go wrong their first instinct is for empathy and their second is to look for systemic solutions. Authentic leaders avoid playing the blame game and seek to enable all systems and all individuals to perform at their best.  In the wake of the shootings in Christchurch in March 2015, as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinta lead the nation in solidarity and empathy with the Muslim community.  Asked by a reporter “can you guarantee the safety of Muslims” she replied simply “That’s my job”.  She wore a headscarf out of respect and spent considerable time consoling and hugging those affected by the shooting.  Jacinta then moved quickly to strengthen New Zealand’s gun laws and call out social media platforms for their role in enabling terrorists.  This is a video of Jacinta taking initiatives against social media platforms:


Right now I cannot think of a single man who is offering this kind of moral leadership to western society, at a time when it is desperately needed.  If we want more authentic leaders in our world all we need to do is to follow those who show the courage and vulnerability to do it.

Cometh the hour cometh the woman.

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