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What is the truth?

In an environment where the lies of some politicians and media appear to be effective strategies, it seems to be a good time to explore what we mean or understand by concepts such as truth, honesty and trust. At it’s … Continue reading

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Beware the demagogue, my son

There is a fundamental schism in what we consider to be leadership.  On one side we have Bosses and Rulers, whose core motivation is status and on the other we have Authentic Leaders and Visionaries whose core motivation is purpose. … Continue reading

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Authenticity, Trust and reliability in business

Last week I spoke at a conference in Stockholm titled “Corporate Reliability – who can you trust?  The topic ties in very well with the the Holos four steps to Sustained Success and our Swedish partner Time to Performance’s work on … Continue reading

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Why do people follow Trump?

It is an almost binary divide, on the one hand the loyal, even fanatical followers on the other a mystified and increasingly concerned rest of society. Of course it is not just Trump, there have been many examples of popular … Continue reading

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What is your leadership style?

We are all aware from our own experiences of teachers, line managers, politicians and fiction that there are different kinds of “leader”.  Leaders have a big impact on our lives, therefore the quality of those leaders is extremely important. However, … Continue reading

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Change here for improved results

“Every organisation is perfectly designed for the results it is getting”. Lets start by understanding this rather frustrating truism.  “Results” we can understand as all consequences including financial, social, environmental, technical and so on.  Results that are both intended and … Continue reading

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Tolerance and Intolerance

Over millions of years humans have evolved to have a finely tuned distrust of difference.  In the stone age settlement, difference meant danger.  Millions of years of our evolution were invested in intolerance of difference as a safety advantage. It … Continue reading

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