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Calling all Authentic Integral Leaders

Humanity is in a pretty challenging space right now.  We face genuinely existential threats from climate change and other environmental damage, that we have created and yet we continue to focus more on what divides us that what could unite … Continue reading

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Keeping your head when all about you are losing theirs.

Hello and Happy New Year.  I found 2017 a challenging year.  I hope very much that 2018 can be better at the global level.  Climate Change seems to me to be an existential threat for humanity and yet we create … Continue reading

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Get out of crisis in 5 steps

We have worked with many individuals teams and organisations that are in crisis.  Sometimes the crisis is public, corporate and unavoidable.  Sometimes they are subtle, drawn out and unrecognised.  Sometimes they feel personal, individual and lonely.  Within all of this … Continue reading

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5 simple steps to Influence

One of the things that comes up over and over again in working with individuals and teams in all organisations and at all levels is influence and it’s cousin empowerment.  Influence and empowerment are related because it is the ability … Continue reading

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Power Dynamics and Sexual Abuse

It seems relevant to explore the issue of power dynamics right now.  Power dynamics  play an enormous part in abuse and harassment, in corporate crisis and in our various on-going political traumas. Where there is power asymmetry, ie one person … Continue reading

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Spiritual Crisis

There has been another long hiatus in my blogging, I am sorry.  Two readers have recently and separately told me how much they have appreciated these blogs and have helped me analyse why I stopped writing. It is always easy … Continue reading

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Maturity in the age of Trump and Brexit

Generally speaking there are five levels of maturity available to us as we grow up.  Most of us make it to either the third or fourth level, a tiny minority get stuck at level one or two or make it … Continue reading

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