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Master Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is the practice of accomplishment through enablement.  It is distinct from the more familiar autocratic leadership which seeks aggrandisement through control. Everyone can be an authentic leader and the first step is to make the choice and the … Continue reading

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How to be mediocre

Last week my brilliant friend and colleague Paula Boyle shared a list of ways to ensure a mediocre life and career with the group we were working with: 1 – Stay in your Comfort Zone Our comfort zone is a space … Continue reading

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Love, Compassion and Tolerance

Last week I was working with a very large group and I was strongly reminded of where we are.  There are, in a sense, those who are “awake” and those who have yet to “wake up”. By “awake” I mean … Continue reading

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“real work”

Most of us are emerging from our collective winter hibernation.  Most of us have spent more time than usual socialising, with our family, doing projects, doing sport, being bored, hanging out, watching TV and generally not doing our usual day … Continue reading

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Leadership for a new era

We face a number a number of profound challenges as a society.  Without being exhaustive it is easy to list:  Climate change, poverty, food, energy, extremism, corruption, energy and so on. Without exception every one of these challenges is the … Continue reading

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A Sense of Belonging

One of our core drivers as humans is to feel a sense of  self worth.  This drives all sorts of behaviours from the highly functional to highly dysfunctional.  Part of self worth for most of us is to have a … Continue reading

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Don’t try so hard

It is a hard lesson to learn and one that I continue to take my time getting right.  Perhaps the “must try harder” message at school penetrated too deeply? In so many areas of life; love, business, sport or socially, … Continue reading

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