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Power Dynamics and Sexual Abuse

It seems relevant to explore the issue of power dynamics right now.  Power dynamics  play an enormous part in abuse and harassment, in corporate crisis and in our various on-going political traumas. Where there is power asymmetry, ie one person … Continue reading

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Spiritual Crisis

There has been another long hiatus in my blogging, I am sorry.  Two readers have recently and separately told me how much they have appreciated these blogs and have helped me analyse why I stopped writing. It is always easy … Continue reading

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Maturity in the age of Trump and Brexit

Generally speaking there are five levels of maturity available to us as we grow up.  Most of us make it to either the third or fourth level, a tiny minority get stuck at level one or two or make it … Continue reading

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How to save a team, an organisation (or a nation?)

At Holos we do a lot of work with teams and organisations that are in trouble.  While there may be direct causes for the challenges they are facing the underlying cause is always cultural. A culture that is carelessly (or … Continue reading

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What now?

Perhaps what the Brexit vote and the continued contortions around the western world  demonstrate above all else, is that it is time for change. When inequalities of power, wealth and opportunity grow too great tensions are created.  When those tensions are not … Continue reading

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The leadership case for voting “Remain”

With apologies to my non UK readers, I have to dedicate this weeks post to why I will be voting “Remain” in the UK/EU membership referendum, and the leadership case for it. Here is why I believe it is so … Continue reading

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Cultivating Leaders

I want to lay a myth to rest.  Leaders are not born. At least, not the leaders you actually want to be led by or have leading in your organisation. It all starts with a fundamental misconception around leadership.  When … Continue reading

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