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What lies beyond Post Conventional?

At Holos we have already defined Post Conventional businesses as those that intentionally disrupt their own business model, before someone else does it to them.  This is a trend that has been developing and accelerating over the last 20 years to … Continue reading

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Understanding Brexit

On the whole I avoid directly discussing politics in my blog, however, as the EU offer another extension to the agony of Brexit I am going to attempt to look at it from an evolutionary psychology perspective.  For more details … Continue reading

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European Elections – the simplified version

The principle difference that allowed humans to become the dominant species on our planet is our ability to collaborate at scale. This is closely intertwined with our story telling abilities, something no other animal can do (as far as we … Continue reading

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Women take over as moral leaders of the world

There is a fascinating trend going on in the informal moral leadership of western society – it is being taken over by women. Right now there are at least four women who are global exemplars of integral authentic leadership.  They … Continue reading

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Stealing from the future

Here is the forward to our new book – Stealing from the future… and how you can stop it Leadership in crisis Is the world about to end?  The climate is changing and the environment facing collapse.  Politics is in … Continue reading

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New Book…

How would it feel to discover the secret to sustained success? A way to deliver long term positive results in your own career, in your organisation even for a country or a whole society? A way to energise, inspire and … Continue reading

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What if…

Last week we had out faculty conference and about 35 of our wonderful faculty met over two days in London to learn, explore and share.  Our vision at Holos is Universal Authentic Leadership and conversations at the conference helped us … Continue reading

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