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Seven Steps to story telling for influence

We were working with two senior leaders in an organisation recently.  One of these leaders inspired loyalty and appeared to be able to influence change whenever required.  The other had an apparently disciplined team, however whenever they would try to … Continue reading

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Great Leadership 101

One of the most needed skills at the moment in both business and government is leadership.  In more stable times management tends to be prioritised because management delivers reliability.  In stable times leadership is often annoying as leadership is fundamentally … Continue reading

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The Opposite of obedience and the source of safety and success

Last week I wrote about the dangers of obedience in organisations, this week I will write about the alternative, both for organisations and education. The opposite of obedience is not disobedience or anarchy.  It is thinking and empowerment.  Obedience shuts down … Continue reading

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Obedience is dangerous for organisations

Most of us accept, to a large extent, the indoctrination of obedience that we receive in our youth.  Parents and teachers combine to teach us that doing what we are told is right and good and rewarded and failing to … Continue reading

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What is the truth?

In an environment where the lies of some politicians and media appear to be effective strategies, it seems to be a good time to explore what we mean or understand by concepts such as truth, honesty and trust. At it’s … Continue reading

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Cultivating Leaders

I want to lay a myth to rest.  Leaders are not born. At least, not the leaders you actually want to be led by or have leading in your organisation. It all starts with a fundamental misconception around leadership.  When … Continue reading

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Holos Change and Sustainable Success

Holos is turning out to be exciting.  Over the last year or so we have been developing our approach, building partnerships, delivering for clients, speaking at conferences, and learning loads. What makes Holos different is that is is a “virtual consultancy”. … Continue reading

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