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Beware the Totalitarian Corporation

It is easy to imagine, in these enlightened times that totalitarianism is from a bygone age.  Remarkably, perhaps, there are still businesses that operate using the kind of hierarchical systems and culture that might be familiar to medieval kings or … Continue reading

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Love, Compassion and Tolerance

Last week I was working with a very large group and I was strongly reminded of where we are.  There are, in a sense, those who are “awake” and those who have yet to “wake up”. By “awake” I mean … Continue reading

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Think Different

About 15 years ago in Razorfish days, I remember getting an annual report from  client who we were pitching to.  There was a picture of the executive team all standing in a line. It didn’t help that the photo was … Continue reading

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Confidence or qualifications

We are back in the hunt for schools due to our move back to England.  In our interviews with the schools we were reminded of what appears to be two contrasting approaches to education, and perhaps to life. 1 – … Continue reading

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Ten things we have learnt from the Olympics

1 – People are good – When we allow ourselves to be sucked in to the mainstream media myth it is easy to believe that every second person has violent and destructive intent.  Especially if they belong to a group … Continue reading

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