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You need to upset a few people…

I have been studying and writing about and training Authentic Leadership for over 10 years.  This week I would like to summarise, as concisely as possible precisely what Authentic Leadership is.  If enough of us can follow the path of … Continue reading

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Success at any price

We see it in sports, we see it in business and we see it in politics.  The period where people decide that there is nothing they will not do, to “succeed”.  Where people become so wrapped up in their arena … Continue reading

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Success and Failure

Our life, our business and our society can be defined by our successes and our failures.  What we achieve when we win and what we learn (or don’t) when loose.  The hubris that can go with success and the desperation … Continue reading

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From Control to Growth

When we are responsible for getting a group of people to do their job and deliver on targets it can be tempting to seek to control things.  It is a common mistake among managers (and leaders) to believe that their … Continue reading

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