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What lies beyond Post Conventional?

At Holos we have already defined Post Conventional businesses as those that intentionally disrupt their own business model, before someone else does it to them.  This is a trend that has been developing and accelerating over the last 20 years to … Continue reading

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When and how companies should change their business model

Some companies have a very flexible approach to their business model – while others have a very fixed approach.  Some have adapted over time others have failed because they failed to. So, how can companies ensure sustained success by changing … Continue reading

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Conventional companies will not survive at scale in a post conventional world

Last week I met with people from a very successful 70 year old company that operates in 190 countries and has 32 million customers.  It is a market leader and consistently ranks as one of the best places to work. … Continue reading

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Understanding Brexit

On the whole I avoid directly discussing politics in my blog, however, as the EU offer another extension to the agony of Brexit I am going to attempt to look at it from an evolutionary psychology perspective.  For more details … Continue reading

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Post Conventional and beyond

Conventional businesses will not survive at scale. In this case Conventional means businesses that pursue a fundamentally unchanging business model and rely in incremental improvements over time. The future belongs to Post Conventional businesses. Post Conventional businesses being those that … Continue reading

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From Boss to Authentic – it’s official

In 1997 the influential US Business Round Table groups of corporate CEOs issued a statement of purpose for corporations:  “The paramount duty of management and of boards of directors is to the corporation’s stockholders. The interests of other stakeholders are … Continue reading

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High performance teams in organisations

In the world of elite professional sport athletes and teams look for every opportunity to improve physical and psychological performance. Not just for the athletes themselves but for management and operations support as well. Top Formula One teams and Pro … Continue reading

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