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Be a Confident Leader

We had some problems with the new design last week – I have made some changes and hope it is better this week – please let me know and sorry for any strained eyes – you can always go to … Continue reading

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What are we Rewarding?

A news item this week announced that a record number of graduates had applied for jobs in the banking industry. So what? The banking industry has had plenty of publicity about the amount it pays, so it is pretty obvious … Continue reading

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Transmission or Communication

How often have you told someone something, only to find, some time later, that they understood something different, or nothing at all? We all do it, we confuse transmission for communication. Whether we write it, especially in e-mail, or say … Continue reading

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No More Heroes

Most of us find the idea of the hero leader attractive. A leader who reliably saves the day and delvers the results. Hero leaders are popular with investors and electorates, and fulfill the ideals of leadership we are familiar with … Continue reading

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True Love/Pure Hatred

We like to think of ourselves as being rational, but most of us are far more defined by our emotions than we are by our logic.   Most of our thinking and most of our choices are lead by our … Continue reading

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