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Can humans transform when faced with existential threats?

Humans have faced dark times before: Black Death, war, the 1918 flu pandemic, nuclear destruction and probably more.  So far the threats have been small enough and we have survived and learned enough for us to continue to thrive. This … Continue reading

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Psychology and Sustained Success

There is a great deal written about how to create success, both for individuals, teams and organisations, but some of our experience suggests that success will come along quite easily if we can just avoid creating the circumstances for failure. … Continue reading

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5 Leadership Lessons from India

Wishing everyone sustained and sustainable success in 2019. We had the great good fortune to be able to spend our New Year in India.  We chose India because we wanted our children (13 and 15) to appreciate that their life … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas from Holos

Please follow the link to find our Holos Christmas card, wishing all of you a very happy and easy Christmas this year. Print, cut out, share and ask – #christmasiseasy Happy Christmas 2018 Best neil Neil Crofts Co-Founder Holos +447803 … Continue reading

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Stealing fro the future – extract

The print copies of the book arrived today and it looks fantastic.  Very exciting.  Here is a brief extract from the book and below are links to the paperback, ebook and the launch livestream. Exercising Leadership The very instant we … Continue reading

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Stealing from the future – launches on 15 November

When I started down this path about 20 years ago corporations were the bad guys and responsible governments gently tried to reign them in. Today, in many cases, that situation has flipped.  There are plenty of examples of corporations leading … Continue reading

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Dealing with conflict

There was a time when being labelled “conflict averse” was something of a criticism.  I am not sure that I ever understood what people really meant by it, because surely the opposite: “conflict inclined” is worse. What is clear is … Continue reading

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