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A revolution in leadership

I have been enormously privileged in the last three months to have delivered five different types of leadership session to corporate groups in three different countries in the Middle East. I have two observations from these experiences: 1 – Unsurprisingly … Continue reading

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Innovate or die

We have already bet our future on our ability to come up with a technical solution for the problems we have created. Unfortunately we have not yet developed the capacity to innovate and implement faster than we are creating problems … Continue reading

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Ethics and Armstrong

Perhaps pro cycling can be seen as some sort of ethical proxy for society.  A sort of moral canary, warning us of when our behaviour is becoming too toxic.  Over its hundred plus years of history the nationalism that contributed … Continue reading

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The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything…

Perhaps, in a way, this is what I have been trying to answer all along.  Ever since I was inspired by Douglas Adams while I was at school.  Three books and hundreds of blog posts later, I am delighted to … Continue reading

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Leadership for a new era

We face a number a number of profound challenges as a society.  Without being exhaustive it is easy to list:  Climate change, poverty, food, energy, extremism, corruption, energy and so on. Without exception every one of these challenges is the … Continue reading

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