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Google and how to create the perfect team

High performing teams (far more than high performing individuals) are the foundations of any organisational success. Last week the New York Times ran a a fascinating article  about Google’s disciplined and evidence lead approach to understanding high performing teams.  Through it’s … Continue reading

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8 steps to leading change upwards

Last week I ran a workshop for an organisation where a team had a highly significant, even transformational insight about the future of the business. The workshop was intended to align the extended executive team around this insight and develop … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs masterclass in how to save a company (or team) in crisis

In 1997 Apples success of the last 19 years was all in the future.  It was far from inevitable, in fact it’s future as an independent business hung very much in the balance.  Apple was a company in crisis, lacking … Continue reading

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Megatrends update – Digitisation

Last week I ran a Megatrends session with a group at global corporation.  Some of the feedback was that although they were peripherally aware of some of these developments, they had not understood their significance for their business or their … Continue reading

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The only effective response to fear and hate is love

Following the mainstream media it is easy to get a frighteningly dystopian picture, not only of our situation, but also of humanity in general.  The fear and hate driven turn that our politics appear to have taken in Europe, the … Continue reading

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