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Success vs struggle

Most careers start with a product – us.  When we go out into the job market we try to match what we have to offer with an organisation that needs it – or something similar. It is not surprising therefore … Continue reading

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Change here for improved results

“Every organisation is perfectly designed for the results it is getting”. Lets start by understanding this rather frustrating truism.  “Results” we can understand as all consequences including financial, social, environmental, technical and so on.  Results that are both intended and … Continue reading

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Enter the Holoscene

This week I have rebranded my blog as Holos.  This reflects my commitment to Holos as a big part of my future. Holos is a leadership, culture and change consultancy.  We are two partners and around 150 colleagues around the … Continue reading

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The Adaptive Organisation top five.

In the old days things were simple and straightforward (at least if the rose tinting of your glasses is strong enough).  An organisation could decide what it did and form itself around getting good at doing that thing.  Organisations that … Continue reading

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